About Me

I am skilled in taking a strategic view of workforce projects so organisations can develop their people with the right skills and talent so they can better serve their clients, sourcing appropriate funding to solve organisational problems and needs.

My learning, career and adult education experience and qualifications include:


My passion is to inspire organisations and individuals to achieve their vision and potential by making the most of their unique, skills, knowledge and talents.


Based on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia and founded by Janene Piip in 2007, my purpose is to develop your workforce based on your unique needs and is founded on my passions for education, careers, and lifelong learning.

I believe that where you live should not impact what you or your business can do in having a vision and reaching for your goals.

I have put this into practice over the last twenty years, working from a rural community and undertaking projects in Australia as well as the UK, Europe and Asia.

Technology should enable people to run a business, study, work and connect with people around the world, not just in the place where they live. I am, therefore, an expert in creating this experience. Not only am I enthusiastic about regional Australia, I want you and your people to fulfil their potential, find their impetus and spark through knowing who they are so they can achieve success in their working life and career.


Our values and business approach include:

We do what we say we are going to do.

We put regional people at the forefront.

We believe lifelong learning changes lives.

We get to the heart of the matter.

We are mindful of our clients' precious resources in everything we do.

Enlightening moments in my life…

After working for more than 10 years in a well known educational organisation, I asked myself one day ‘what is the meaning of this job’, and can I do it for another twenty years?

At this point, I decided my life had to change and I developed the courage to believe in my purpose of creating work that met my needs, aligned with my values and fuelled my passions – on my own terms.

My journey to being who I am today can help your organisation too!

Your staff are wondering how the intersection of their passions, talents and the need to earn a living can be sustained for the long term. Without any fire or passion that lights their very being, your staff need support and development so they can grow as people and employees.

How we work...


We work seamlessly with your business or organisation using technology or face-to-face to ensure you have the right, motivated people for your business.


We travel to international locations to bring a unique perspective from our world to yours.


We understand that regional employers and employees have more difficulty in accessing specialised support than their city counterparts. We are therefore, able to provide our first hand perspective on the issues you face as we live and work in the regions.

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A little more about our world perspective…

After undertaking her PhD within the Australian rail industry, Janene Piip participated in the SIAFI program in 2014 in Paris. Many new networks were forged with academics and rail professionals in Europe which has fuelled a longstanding passion and association with the global rail industry.

In 2015, Janene was selected as a Rail Industry Talent Ambassador for the UIC (International Union of Railways), Paris to promote rail industry careers. These opportunities have reinforced how regionally based Australian businesses can engage with global partners, no matter where they live or work.

The rail industry is a traditional industry that is transitioning to the 21st century facilitated by technology. Familiar practices are being revisited to encourage and support all people to participate equally in non-traditional roles in the workforce.

In particular, the rail industry has identified that many people reach the end of their career and find that they have not achieved their career potential. For organisations this is more of problem when talented people, especially diverse groups – women and youth, face barriers that impede ability to go further in the career.

So our passion is to inspire organisations and individuals to recognise and develop the talent of all!

Let’s Work Together

How we have evolved…

From our beginning we have evolved to focus on core areas and serve core clients.

Transformative learning projects for organisations

Delivery of transformative learning projects for women

Development of microcredentials for organisations

Janene’s four key superpowers…

People skills

knows and gets along well with lots of people


transforms your needs into reality

A Woman of Achievement

gets things done!


positive can do attitude – nothing is too difficult